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Rodrigo's photo playing the guitar

Rodrigo Simões is an experimenter. It honors the groove of Brazilian rhythms and updates them in a contemporary style. It was for the communicative joy of his music, his joie de vivre, his freedom and his enthusiasm that Rodrigo Simões ignites jazz.

Expert in Brazilian rhythms, he goes from maracatú to forró by taking a samba ride with exhilarating ease. He enriches his music based on choro, popular instrumental Brazilian music, with improvisations from jazz fusion. Here is the new Brazilian jazz! contemporary music enlivened by the joy and warmth of Brazilian rhythms, on the themes of passion for music, friendship and love. His playful and elegant performances instantly warm the body and the heart. His quest? "When one is inspired, it makes the adrenaline throughout the body. I'm always looking for that momentum, it's an indescribable feeling." Explains the guitarist, whose first album "Aos Velhos Amigos" pays homage to Paraná, his native region. In 2018, his album "Jazz bésilien" was ranked among the 5 best jazz discs in Quebec by Sorties Jazz Nights.


In march 2023 he released his third work under the sign of number 3. TRE is Rodrigo Simoes' new concept album through Canadian jazz label Three Pines Records.

Magali Balles

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