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TRE is Rodrigo Simoes' new concept album through Canadian jazz label Three Pines Records.

Rodrigo Simoes is a Brazilian jazz guitarist and composer. He performs regularly in Montreal and the region.

With TRE, we find the DNA of Rodrigo Simoes' sound: Latin guitar, Afro-Brazilian grooves and jazz fusion. Added to this is the inspiration of the number 3 which makes TRE a real concept album!

TRE (three in Italian) offers unusual ternary compositions that reveal the mastery of the styles of Brazilian popular music and the skill of Simoes for the arrangements. For example, Bituca samba is composed in 3⁄4 while sambas are usually composed in 2/4.

Rodrigo Simoes joined forces with Carl Mayotte on bass and Mark Nelson on drums to form a trio. It welcomes 3 renowned guests: saxophonist Jean-Pierre Zanella on Add 1 teco and Bituca; the percussionist Elli Miller-Maboungou on Ibi and Na Categoria; the singer Bianca Rocha who lends her voice on the titles Baião de 3 and Compo 9.

Rodrigo's photo holding 3 guitars
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