« Rodrigo Simões will quickly make you forget the cold and the spray of winter with Brazilian Jazz. With this new album which features singer Sonia Johnson and saxophonist Jean-Pierre Zanella, we have a resolutely happy and dancing record. »

Christophe Rodriguez, Sorties Jazz Nights

« Brazilian jazz rhymes very often with bossa-nova, but Rodrigo Simões opens the door to much more than the style invented and popularized among others by Antonio Carlos Jobim. It takes us on the paths of the maracatú, the forró and the samba. »

Frédéric Cardin, ICI Musique

« Probably influenced by a line of soloists like Jim Hall, Pat Martino or Toninho Horta, he finds his phrasing, his own sound, while demonstrating a good quality of playing with the mandolin and the acoustic guitar. »

Ralph Boncy, VOIR


Aos Velhos Amigos ("to old friends") is the first album by Rodrigo Simões. A mixture of original compositions and emblematic songs of Paraná, it is a tribute to this little-known region of Brazil where the musician was born. There is a cover of Gambá, a folk theme of fandango, and As mocinhas da Cidade, a song by the country duo Belarmino & Gabriela.

Bass, accordion, mandolin, electric guitar, acoustic guitar and also viola caipira are in the spotlight.

The album cover offers a panoramic view of the incredible Guartelá canyon under the lens of João Inácio.